New Networks for Nature

The sixth annual conference of New Networks for Nature (or N3 as it’s known) in Stamford this weekend, an alliance set up by Tim Birkhead, Mark Cocker, Jeremy Mynott and John Fanshawe. It is always inspiring, exciting and promising. The theme this year was ‘A Sense of Scale’ and I was chuffed to present on birds in medieval poetry. A great experience, and it was only a shame that we ran out of time for questions!

New Networks for Nature
Jeremy Mynott, Helen Macdonald, Michelle Remblance, me. Source: New Networks for Nature archive

Particularly enjoyed listening to Richard Mabey in conversation with Tim Dee on the Thursday evening, and Philip Hoare’s dramatic depiction of his face-to-face encounter with a spem whale! New Networks comes together to provide an alternative, powerful voice on and for nature in the UK in the lamentable absence of any serious efforts or consideration from mainstream British politics. To get a fuller sense of what New Networks does, and the sheer range of contributors and presentations, go to



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